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Avanta Academy is committed to protecting the privacy of our clients’ and participants’ information. We value your privacy and will take all necessary steps to protect it.

Collected Information

All data / information collected through the process of registration for our services, whether online, email, fax or over the phone, is solely for the use and facilitation of our services provided to you when you apply or register for our services.

For these purposes, by submitting your information through registration of our services, whether online, email, fax or over the phone, you authorise us to retain and use your personal data and to transmit it to our own offices, authorised agents and/or government agencies.

We will not sell, transfer, assign or rent your information to any third party without your permission, unless required by law.

Your personal information may be used by Avanta Academy to forward you information by way of e-newsletters or to contact you by telephone or mail.

In line with the Personal Data Protection Act, Avanta Aacdemy would like to inform you on the collection, use and disclosure of all applicants and participants personal data.

1.Personal data (as required) will be collected during the registration of courses.

2.Personal data collected is for some/all of the following purposes:

Participant’s personal data

  • Requirement of a unique identity for course registration
  • Verification of training grant application by companies
  • Submission of assessment results to SSG (Skillsconnect)
  • Reporting to SSG
  • Post training survey
  • Updates on future courses
  • All other training related matters

Contact person’s personal data

  • Point of contact to receive course status update, invoices and all other correspondences
  • Updates on future courses