Precautionary Measures Against COronavirus

As per the Committee for Private Education (CPE) advisory, all Private Education Institutions (PEI) including Avanta will be undertaking additional measures to enhance your protection against the current Coronavirus infection - COVID-19.

At Avanta, the well-being of our staff, trainers, trainees, and members of the public is our utmost concern. Our Safe Management Measures System is designed with utmost care to control COVID-19 infection spread. Measures are taken across all our locations, such as, but not limited to:
Trained staff to ensure Safe Management Measures are implemented.
Safe Entry Visitor Management System to be followed by all, including Trainees and Visitors.
Trace Together App to be downloaded and activated to support government efforts towards contact tracing.
Classrooms are cleaned with disinfectants daily.
Proper masks to be worn by all. A spare mask will be provided to participants, if necessary.
Enforcement of Safe distancing, safe queue management, and crowd management systems in place at all times.
Health and Travel declaration are mandatory for all employees, trainees, and visitors.
Body temperature will be taken twice a day for all, including trainees and visitors.
Systems in place to manage unwell staff, trainees, and visitors. Restriction of entry to those unwell.
Safe Management Measures to carefully manage in the unlikely case of Suspected or Confirmed Case.
Your contribution to our Safe Management Measures is significant to help us as a community to take preventive measures to protect you and everyone.

To download the Health & Travel Declaration Form for Learners, Avanta Staff and Trainers, please click here


We recognise that these precautionary measures may result in some inconvenience. However, they are being put in place to protect you and your loved ones. If you have a fever, cough, muscle pain, joint pain, headaches, sore throat, running nose, shortness of breath, change in smell, change in taste, diarrhoea, or are recovering from any illness, you should consult a doctor near you and follow their instructions. Please refer to the’s infographics below on how to correctly wear a mask. Stay updated on the latest situation on the Ministry of Health website.